wood floors


Although attractive, wood floors can be expensive and highly susceptible to scratches and other warping damages. And unless you have several grand a year to spend on refinishing, you’re stuck with dull, damaged wood floors. They are also a bit tricky to clean, as you can’t use the standard water and mop method to clean. Water is especially damaging to wood, so you need to invest in special cleaning solutions which can get quite pricey.


Although warm and inviting, carpet can be a mess in itself, especially for houses with children and pets. If you are allergy prone, carpet fibers can be the ideal place for microbes and harmful allergens to hide, no matter how much you vacuum. If they’re stained, it’s first thing you’re eyes go to in a room. To keep the carpets looking good, you often need to hire a professional cleaning service on a regular basis. Carpet cleaning companies can charge you an obscene amount of money to do even the most basic cleaning jobs, and if you have any extra stains, it may end up costing you a small fortune.

Ceramic Tile:

With these options ruled out, it leaves tile flooring. Tile, although commonly used in kitchens and bathrooms, comes in a huge variety of colors and styles that could fit nearly any room in your home. Ceramic tile is one of the more common tile choices in residential areas.

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