Getting New Ideas For Video Games Part 3

Companies are discovering that the most successful people have one thing in common: the ability to interact with people. But successful employees do not learn this skill when they enter the job market; They learn it at a young age.

Hablamos de Gamers

As a parent, you may wonder how to help your children develop the emotional skills they need to live and succeed in their future careers.

It’s a tough job, but a game maker is starting to make it easier with the Emotional Intelligence board game series.

Parents are looking for ways to tackle difficult topics; Teaching your children qualities such as empathy, problem solving, assertiveness, and good manners; Or those who simply want to have fun as a family will find many opportunities in the following Oikos Global products:

* Levels 1 to 3 of Oikos Play: Through active play, children learn positive strategies for dealing with common emotional situations related to anger, aggression, fear and conflict.

* 31-Day Success Principles for Kids and Teens – Each card contains a success principle, such as “Know your goal” or “Be persistent” and a brief biography of a celebrity who used this principle.

* 31-Day Positive Affirmations for Kids and Teens – Each card contains 1 Confirmation for reading each day. The intention is for children to focus on their own strengths and positive qualities.

Oikos Global also offers fun family games like Fikloo, a crazy commando party game, and Wordigy, a challenging and educational word game.

Oikos games and activities can make your kids think beyond the latest “must-have” video game or DVD. They also make good gifts for parties, birthdays, and graduations.

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