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As mentioned in the first part, there are some countries which are very popular now among the expat community. Each of them has their own charm and it can be confusing and cumbersome to decide where to start.

Alberto Mallo

My proposed 10-step program is designed to help you decide which country you want to make it your paradise.

Make a list of the world’s best paradise abroad.

Step 2: Write down a list of your personal preferences and priorities. Write them down in order of priority. The list may include things like climate, cost of living, taxes, culture, language, healthcare, access to your country’s infrastructure, and government incentives for foreign investors.

Step 3: Consider the pros and cons of each of these countries based on your priorities. Make a census sheet for each country.

Step 4: Using the information you gathered, make your selection in 3 countries.

> Step 5: My next step and my motto is always: “Try it before you buy” so plan to spend some time in each of the selected countries.

Step 6: While in each country, use your time wisely and analyze costs of living, employment or business opportunities, transportation, educational standards, schools, personal safety issues, postal and banking services, Internet availability, etc.

Sixth step: Meet experienced expatriates living and working in the country.

Step 7: Find as many properties for sale as possible.

Step 8: Organize meetings with experts residing in the three countries.

Step 9: Look at all of your facts and select the country that best matches your priorities and preferences, as well as your values ​​and the decent lifestyle you want to live.

Step 10: Make your choice, plan an extended stay if possible, and don’t look back and enjoy the process.

Long story short, I’m not saying it’s easy not to look back, but always keep in mind that you are not alone and not without a plan. Use the program’s 10-step outline, do your homework, talk to experts in the field, and if you really want to live a different and better life, stick to taking action, and maybe this is the year you’ll get it. is yours.

Next week, in Part 3, I’ll be posting tips on what to do when you’re about to get residency.

Week quote

“Create a specific plan for implementing your desire and start right away, whether you are ready to put the plan into action or not.” Napoleon Hill

We’d love to hear how your expat plans are going. Which country are you moving to? What helped you make your decision? What difficulties did you face, if any? Your part can help another person in a similar situation.

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