New Ideas

New ideas can arise from taking a new perspective on things. One way to do this is to challenge existing assumptions. For example, is love really the feeling of desire or attachment? This is a common assumption, but what if we challenge it?

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New thoughts about love

Desire and attachment can be powerful emotions, and they are often called love in certain contexts. However, attachment can also be due to bad causes, right? Desire can also come from less noble places. What is the alternative definition of love?

What about recognizing value? Seeing a person’s inherent value, such as the beauty you see in a painting or hear in a melody. You don’t have to be bonding or even wanting beauty to enjoy it. You just have to admit it. The pleasure you have in the presence of another person can serve as a definition of love. At least emotion.

However, love is more than just an emotion. How much does a mother love her children if she takes care of them and does not feed them? Love in this context must include the verb, right?

This indicates the real problem with defining concepts such as love. There are seven or eight or maybe a hundred things that we want to communicate. Each of them is different, but we only have one word for them. Perhaps instead of redefining love, we need to create dozens of new words. Now there is room for some new ideas.

Random new ideas

Another way to get new ideas is to simply search for new ideas to replace old ideas. Then expand on the new idea to see what value you can find in it. Here are some examples of new ideas, without expanding them (help yourself).

Why do we encourage uniforms to vote? It may be best to encourage people not to vote, unless they are willing to inquire about these issues.

Is multitasking really a sign of aptitude? Perhaps the fact that we have to be so busy just to get what we want shows that our actions are not effective enough.

Why not pay less for a surgeon who kills more people at the operating table? Why not admit that there are better and worse doctors that have this information available, and pay accordingly?

How about wonder instead of faith? Faith is faith without reason. To admire is to admire the world and accept the fact that we do not have reasons or explanations for everything.

Finally, what if our level of creativity and our ability to have new ideas weren’t just something created at birth? What if it was a systematic process, one that might not recognize it, but could be identified and copied? We can all train ourselves to get new creative ideas.

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