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Barclay card started getting ratty with me so I decided to write to them and ask them for a copy of the credit agreement with my signature on it. They wrote to me and advised they would provide this information with in a set amount of time, needless to say they never wrote to me after that.

I have since received a letter from Cabot Financial who are a debt collection agency and probably one of the more notorious. Cabot advised me that they have taken on the debt and asked me to phone them to arrange repayment. About a week later I received another letter informing me that a collection agent would be visiting my home in order to discuss the situation and come to an arrangement. needless to say I don’t want any unwelcome visitors on my door step thank you very much.

I decided to challenge the enforcability of the debt and ask them to prove either way that I am liable. They wrote to me and said they would provide the information I requested within twelve days of asking for it. The law states they have to provided this information whether they are the original creditor or not.

Well twelve days passed and they wrote advising me that Barclay card were having difficulty obtaining a copy of my credit agreement from there files. I fully expected this as they couldn’t provide me with the information when I originally asked them for it in the first place!

This method will work with almost any form of unsecured debt regulated under the consumer credit act but is primarily meant for loans and credit cards. I have included below the exact wording I used which you are welcome to copy and paste to use for your own debts that you may have.

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