Some Candida Supplements and the Recommended Dosages

I thought that I would share with you what happened with my friend when she met her new doctor yesterday, and been given new candida supplements. First, she said it was One shot keto complaints   so amazing having someone actually listening and believing her. The doctor said to her that the other doctors were idiots, too (not in so many words). He did a skin test to see if she is allergic to candida (came out positive) and then he ordered all kinds of blood, urine, and stool tests. Then, he told her about his candida diet and gave her supplements to try. She said she could have cried that for the first time she feels like she is in good hands! The stool test is from the Parasitology Center while the urine test is from metaMetrix Clinical Lab

The supplements he gave are: AbsorbAid  review from Nature’s Sources which is basically enzymes, VSL #3 (very potent probiotic), Dysbioplex FNG which is an egg powder for the immune system, and ProGreens powder. She mixes it all together with some fresh carrot juice and drink twice a day!

The recommended dosages the doctor gave for her are as follows:

1 scoop of ProGreens
1 scoop of Dysbioplex FNG
1 packet of the VSL
1 tsp of the Absorbaid
He is also sending her an Aloe Vera powder to add. It has to be mixed in with 4-6 oz carrot juice. She told him what she was taking (such as garlic, caprylic acid, SF722, etc) and he just told her to stop taking everything except what he recommended. I have to say she is feeling much better already (knock on wood).


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